Where children
grow to Love learning

The Olive Tree Early Learning Academy partners families together with exceptional educators in a whole child approach to high-quality early education that provides a creative, safe, and inclusive environment where children grow to love learning

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Community endorsements

The thoughtful planning and trauma-informed approach in the development of the Olive Tree Early Learning Academy is a model for the high-quality early learning environments that are critical to a young child’s social-emotional, physical, and brain development. Knox County parents and caregivers need increased access to programs like this. The United Way Greater Knoxville Early Care and Education team are excited by this new program offering.

Ellie Kittrell

Director of Early Care and Education the United Way of Greater Knoxville

After 16 years of helping low-income mother-led families in our community experience wholeness and restoration, we are convinced that the most strategic investment we can make in the lives of families moving forward is in high-quality early education. There is no better opportunity to prepare children for the future, shifting the trajectory of entire families, and ultimately the community. We are thrilled to help launch Olive Tree Early Learning Academy in the fall of 2023.

Daniel Watson

Executive Director of The Restoration House

Board President of Olive Tree Early Learning Academy

I am so excited for the launch of the Olive Tree Early Learning Academy. Often, one of the biggest challenges a family needs to overcome early on during their time at TRH is the need for affordable, quality childcare. Olive Tree will allow parents to focus on all the goals that they’ve set for themselves, knowing their children are not only safe but have every opportunity to flourish

Lori Haskell

Director of Programs

The Restoration House

Where children grow to Love learning